Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Let It Go


Stole this little bit from my Tumblr browse this morning, because it couldn't be more true at this point. I have this bad habit at looking at all of the mishaps that have happened along the way and honing in on the crap that it made me feel, rather than taking the lesson and moving on. If I'm going to move outta here and be alone with myself, living on my own and all that, I can't keep throwing a pity party for myself.  Things have to change.
One of the things that gets me trapped in this vicious circle is bad eating habits. Once I lose a little bit of weight, I get pleased enough to reward myself. Yet I make the mistake of rewarding myself more than once, and before I know it the weight is back on. Along with giving in to my sugar tooth comes a slow, sluggish energy that no amount of coffee can cure. This leads me to act lazy and cancel on appointments I would normally keep. 
Because I need to depend on myself right? A support system is great and all but you can just start throwing yourself at groups of people expecting them to clean you up. No, you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and realize your worth so you can present yourself in the best possible light alwaysss. 

Don't worry about the haters, just focus on your motivators. Don't worry, be happy (: 

Affirmation to the Universe: I am getting a job today. I am getting a job today. I am getting a job today. 

xx Hugs & Luvin' xx


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