Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trust My Soul


Here's a poem I started a while ago and just recently added on to. Hope you enjoyyyyy...

Trust My Soul

Trust my soul
Trust it to keep things hidden
Trust it to hold truth
Trust it to want lies
Lies that will unveil the ways undeviated.
Touch your way into my soul
And you will definitely find darkness
Darkness that has gone unpenetrated by light
The biggest lie it craves

The sun goes up and I come down
The stars come out and I'm on the town
Out and about I can pretend I'm alright
My worth has been tied to the books so tight,
It takes all my might to step away
Take a breath, disconnect, let it fall to disarray.
These dreams, hopes, and plans I had
I had it all figured out, had it all in my head.
My determination and smarts had me living a dream
Then it turned to a nightmare, where things look worse than they seem.

Has it been 6 months already?
Damn how fast it goes
When you're sitting at home
Tired and alone
No motivation
To do what I do best.
And I can go on like this cause nobody could care less
No friends or family to make me aware
That I can better prepare, 
For my future.
That I can follow my passion,
Let that be my inspiration
To work hard and feel young
On my way to a life I'll feel I've won.

Yet it's hard to believe in that future
When I'm trapped in a sleepy town
Suffocating in Nostalgia.
Where darkness is all I see, all I breathe.


Rosita said...

You are very talented! Love it!


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